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Selective Color

A Selective Color Tutorial Archive.

The Selective Coloring Tutorial Archive
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Selective Color
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selectivecolor is a tutorial archive designed for those who love this unique tool available only in Photoshop X.

Posting Rules:
1. You must be a member in order to gain posting access to this site.

2. Your tutorial must feature at least one layer of Selective Color. The other adjustment layers are of course welcome, so long as there is a selective color layer.

3. Fake cuts are OK. You can link back to your own journal or community. If however, your journals are friends-locked, then please post the tutorials directly on the community. It would do no good for members to encounter a error while hoping to look at a tutorial they might like.

3. Queries regarding selective coloring will also be fielded here. Have a question? Feel free to ask!

4. There is a basic Selective Coloring tutorial linked here - check it out for the basic know-how of this amazing tool in Selective Color.

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